Tips To Help Keep Your Property Safe From Wildfires During Summer Droughts

Droughts are not only a problem for plants and landscaping; the dry summer climate also leads to wildfires. If you live in an area that is prone to summer droughts and frequent wildfires, there are some land management services that will help protect your property from summer fires. Here are some tips to help prepare your home for fire season and reduce the risk of fire reaching your home:

1. Make Sure There Is Clear Access to The Boundaries of Your Property

The access to your property boundaries is important. In the boundary areas, you want to make sure that there is a clear access that can be reached by all-terrain vehicles of different sizes. Make sure the it is wide enough for trucks to pass through to fight a blaze. Keeping clear access will ensure that firefighters can reach a wildfire and keep it from reaching your home. This area also acts as a firebreak, and it should be clear of debris and brush.

2. Cut in Firebreaks to Help Control Fires That Get Close to Your Home

Firebreaks are cuts through forest that stop fires from spreading. In addition to boundaries, they should also be in other areas of your property. Not only do firebreaks help you to control wildfires, but they will also make managing your property easier. The firebreaks can be access roads that are cut in around your property and make it easy to get to areas that need maintenance. You can also map out the firebreaks and give them to the fire services in your area to use as maps during wildfires.

3. Regular Clearing and Cleaning of Under-Brush to Keep Fires from Spreading

One of the ways wildfires spread quickly is when there is brush. Overgrown brush dries out quickly and acts as fuel for wildfires. Keeping the undergrowth clean will help prevent wildfires from spreading. You can clear undergrowth by burning it during the winter months; when the weather is wet and there is little risk of fire. Brush clearing services will be able to help you with thinning forest lands and minimizing fire risks, as well as making it easier to maintain your property.

With good land management practices, you will ensure wildfires stay far away from your home. If you have overgrown brush and land that needs to be cleaned, contact a brush clearing service to help with some of these tasks to protect your home from wildfires.