4 Benefits Of Directional Drilling

Installing underground services can often turn out to be a far more intricate process than one would expect. A number of issues can arise because of the requirements of traditional drilling methods, including disruption of surrounding traffic in urban areas and the complications caused by large surface obstacles in rural ones. But directional drilling manages to avoid many of these things, and in so doing has a variety of advantages over traditional drilling methods. Take a look below at just four of the benefits directional drilling offers.

No Excavation

Excavating ground in order to create a network of trenches is the method by which regular drilling is usually accomplished. But directional drilling doesn't require excavation or any of the downfalls it entails. With directional drilling, you don't need to worry about shoring up trenches or hiring additional workers to dig them. And because it renders deep excavation unnecessary, directional drilling also virtually eliminates the possibility of worker injury and accident that can occur at extreme depths.

No Surface Disruption

What goes on at subterranean depths can have more effect on above-ground activities than most people realize. A project that fails to utilize directional drilling can cause traffic delays and detours, stop rail traffic altogether, and disrupt or even destroy delicate ecosystems in more rural areas. And when the surface is something like a golf course, surface disruption can mean months of lost business in addition to construction costs. 

Ground Conditions 

In projects that call for extensive excavation, ground conditions can play a major part in deciding how long the project takes. Conditions that are less than ideal can delay a project, cause further complications and require specialized equipment. But directional drilling can be performed regardless of the conditions at the surface. This adaptability is one of the major reasons contractors working on large industrial projects prize the possibilities offered by directional drilling.


All of the advantages of directional drilling might lead some to believe that a hefty price tag is always attached. But directional drilling is rarely more expensive than conventional excavation methods. In fact, because so many unforeseen complications can accompany a normal excavation, directional drilling often works out to be substantially less expensive than alternatives. Contractors wanting a safe, quick and ultimately cost effective drilling method would be well served to research directional drilling and learn how exactly they can utilize it in their own sub-surface projects. 

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