Remodeling Your Bathroom For An Elderly Relative

If you have an elderly relative who has just moved into your home so you can care for them, you may want to consider making several adjustments around your home to help them with mobility issues. One area of the home that can benefit from renovation is the bathroom. Elderly people often have slip and fall accidents in this room due to the moisture content. Here are a few ways you can fix up your bathroom to accommodate your elderly relative's needs.

Add Some Rails

Rails are an easy fix you can install on your own within the bathroom your elderly relative will be using. They can be quickly added inside a shower stall or on the wall by a bathtub to help your relative get in and out with ease. Place a rail next to the toilet to help them gain proper footing as they hoist themselves up from a seated position.

Switch To A Friendly Tub

Have a contractor switch from a standard tub to one made for people who have trouble lifting their legs over the side to get in. Senior tubs have a hinged door right in the structure, allowing your relative to open it and walk in or out without needing to climb at all. This is a wonderful improvement to a bathroom when someone is limited in their movements.

Use Grip Tape

Place grip tape on a bathtub or shower floor to help your elderly relative avoid slipping. This tape is easily applied by peeling from the backing in sticking into place. Make sure the tub or shower is dry when applying so it adheres properly. You can buy grip tape in different colors to match your decor, camouflaging them as a result. If you do not mind having them seen, pick some with fancy shapes to make the tub or shower area festive.

Change Lighting

Consider changing your lighting in the bathroom so it focuses more on the flooring than other portions of the room. This will help your loved one see where they are walking, eliminating the risks of falling. Opt for a ceiling light instead of lights on the walls. Use adequate light bulb wattage to keep the room illuminated.

Switch Flooring

Change the flooring to a light color so your elderly relative will see if something is in the way as they walk. Avoid loose area rugs as they can cause slipping. Instead, attach gripping tape to the bottom of a rug so it will stay in place.

Use Shelving

Have some lower shelves or cabinets placed in the bathroom to help your relative keep their items safely stored away from the walkways. Placing these storage areas at a lower height will help keep them from reaching up, possibly causing them to lose footing in the process.

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