Four Ways To Improve Productivity And Reduce Stress With Fun Office Renovations

Any office can be a dull and boring place, and adding a little personality, color, fun and relaxation to the office can help to increase productivity and reduce stress. With a less stressful environment, employees will be happier, and your business will do better. Some of these renovations can include adding color to the office, dedicating an area for recreation and relaxation, or using sensible office furnishings. If you want to improve the office in your work place, here are four fun office renovations that will change your workplace:

1. Add Colors With Custom Painting And Designs

One way you can improve the atmosphere of your office space is by adding colors. Adding colors to your office can help to reduce stress and improve productivity.  You may want to use cool colors like blue or green in work areas. Other areas—such as entrances, break rooms and recreation areas—may have brighter warm colors like red, yellow or orange.

2. Do Away With Office Cubicles And Create An Open Space For Collaboration  

If you want to have a business that is creative, having an open office design can be better than office cubicles. You may want to consider having large tables installed, rather than office cubicles. This can make it easier for collaboration and make the workplace more comfortable. If you need to have workstations, you may consider having things like electrical connections, shelves and drawers built beneath tables for this type of open design.

3. Inspire Creativity With Whiteboard Wall Panels And Coverings

Another fun addition to your business can be whiteboards in certain areas. If you have wall panels that divide walls or that are used to create meeting spaces, these can be whiteboards to allow employees to freely express their ideas, for announcements in the office or for many other creative uses. If you have blank wall space that is not being used, consider adding a whiteboard covering to these areas too.

4. Create Space For Recreation, Relaxation And Rest

Rest and relaxation is another important aspect of the workplace.  For your offices, you may want to create a mixture of recreation, relaxation and rest. This can be done by dedicating areas for a break room, having an area where employees can meditate or rest, and adding some form of entertainment that is appropriate for your workplace. These things will generally improve the workplace environment and reduce employee stress.

If you want to have an office that is innovative and productive, these are some ideas you may want to consider implementing. There are office renovation contractors, like WDI Group office design and construction, that can help you add some of these ideas to the design of your office to create a productive and fun working environment for your business.