Choosing Between Fiberglass And Wooden Deck Boards

When you are designing you brand new outdoor deck, one of the most important decisions you will make is what materials you will use to build your new deck. The choice between wooden deck boards and fiberglass boards can be difficult to make as each option has its unique merits. To make the final decision between the two options, you need to get to know the important facts about these two decking material options. Then you will be able to get started building your brand new deck as soon as possible. 

Wooden Deck Boards

The primary benefit of installing a wooden deck is that it is a material that is both readily available and usually quite affordable. This is particularly true of pressure-treated wood. 

Pressure-treated wood is particularly useful as well because it is stainable as well. This means that you can customize the color of your deck to suit your design and aesthetic needs. 

However, pressure-treated wood decks also require a great deal of maintenance. They must be treated with a sealant to keep out moisture and prevent mold and rotting. The boards can also become warped quite easily due to moisture or extreme hot and cold temperatures. 

Fiberglass Deck Boards

On the other hand, fiberglass deck boards are not susceptible to rot and are resistant to water and moisture damage. Fiberglass is also a great deal more durable than a wooden deck, partially because it cannot be affected by or infested with termites. 

Fiberglass is also a deck material that will not warp or sustain damage due to cold or hot temperatures or temperature shifts. It is low maintenance as well and does not require regular sealing or treatment. 

Fiberglass decks are also quite easy to install. You can purchase them in the form of interlocking planks that are designed to fit together perfectly and easily, making installation fast as well. 

It does cost a bit more than wood, but it is well worth the extra cost to avoid maintenance costs and hassles. You do want to be careful not to scratch or damage your fiberglass boards, though.

As you can see both wood and fiberglass deck boards have their merits and potential drawbacks. Consider all of these facts carefully as you make your deck material decisions. Then, you will be able to get started on your brand new deck as soon as possible and get to enjoying that deck for many years to come.